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Trip to Kendal

I went to Kendal (a city near Semarang) with my sister, uncle, and cousin to see these waterfalls. The first one, Curug Sewu (curug = waterfall, sewu = 1000, so 1000 waterfalls?? doesn't make sense after you see the place, hahah), wasn't so cool. The water looked muddy so we didn't go down to see it. Then we went to the other place, in Gonoharjo. There was this hot spring and then you could see waterfalls if you would hike. I had to struggle (plus I was hungry) to get to the top just to see the small waterfall..haha. I wanted to give up before getting there, but it didn't seem worth it because it was already too far to go down. Well, at least I did some exercise...hahaha. Here are the pictures:

Curug Lawu

Curug Benowo in Gonoharjo

This tree was near the hot spring. No reason for taking this picture. It just looked huge and cool.

The path to achievement...heheh..

Dear Dad,

Dear dad,
I am sick of that rat
squeaking every night
it is really annoying like a brat
it even knows the trap you set

Dear dad,
why don't you allow us to have a cat?
at least it can chase that rat
and won't make us mad
and will stop us from complaining about that

Dear dad,
that rat is damn smart
what a little bastard...

Another silly rhyming poem..haha...

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