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In syntax, you can use phrase structure trees to distinguish the meaning of an ambiguous sentence like the following.

John saw the man with a telescope.

Use it-clauses to explain the meaning, then create phrase structure trees from each it-clause.

1. It is with a telescope that John saw the man.

2. It is the man with a telescope that John saw.

I saw this high school textbook in the biggest bookstore in Semarang. The word "bilingual" tickled my mind, so I wanted to look through it. See what I read there in the book. Grammar badly needs correction! It is bilingual, but the English translation is pretty awful.

Here is one of the sentences i captured: "Galaxy is a group of stars in universe that their amount is large" (Galaksi adalah kelompok bintang di jagat raya yang jumlahnya banyak). D'oh, it just sounds like word by word translation. Terrible. Next sentences sound worse and worse (sorry >_<).

Well maybe I'm just being critical, but I think they have to revise the book. I think the intention of writing a bilingual book is very good, but I think they should write it in good English and Indonesian (surely it will also make the editor or translator's job much easier, eheh).


Signs signs signs at Prambanan Temple...

Wonder why they didn't translate these signs...

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