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Crummy Poem

Sendiri duduk di sini
berteman sepi berkawan diri
hanya klik mouse pemecah sunyi
tik-tik keyboard dipermainkan jari
dan nyamuk pun berdenging tiada henti...

Apa gunanya disesali
semua harus dihadapi
mungkin memang harus begini
hari esok pasti lebih berseri...

Hahaa...menurutku puisi ini corny. Buat puisi dalam bahasa Indonesia susah juga ternyata...

My Mom's Lumpia

This is a picture of lumpia. It is a kind of spring roll with bamboo shoot filling. Believe me it is yummy!! My mother cooked that, and i helped her wrap the filling in the pastry.

2 table spoons of vegetable oil
3 cloves of garlic, crushed
250 g peeled shrimp
500 g bamboo shoot, canned or boiled, julienne cut*
1/2 tea spoon of ground pepper
2 eggs
1 onion, sliced
spring roll pastry

How to make the filling:
Heat spoons of vegetable oil over medium-high heat in a skillet, saute chopped onion and garlic. Add shrimp. Put the bamboo shoot and spices (salt, sugar, pepper).

Break the eggs into a bowl, then add it to the bamboo shoot mixture. Cook until it is done.

How to wrap the spring roll:
Put one spring roll pastry, add two spoons of filling, wrap it like envelope. Use egg white to stick it.

Final step:
Deep fry the spring rolls until they are golden brown.

At least that is how my mother cooks it.

*A julienne (also called a "matchstick") is a type of cut that makes a long thin strip. It's a good technique to use for vegetables and other ingredients when you want to heighten their presentation. (see more about julienne cut at

This is a caricature image of me and my coworkers in the Publishing and Production Department in the company i work for in Jakarta. Mas Sigit, the guy on the left, drew it well i think (you rock, Bro!). I think you know which one i am there :P. Supernina!!

Work Hard, Nina

Deadlines deadlines deadlines!!

Papers I have to submit by the end of this semester:

  • Research Method, due on July 6, 2007
  • Semiotics, July 7, 2007
  • Discourse Analysis, July 23, 2007
  • Psycholinguistics, July 19, 2007
Can't wait for the holiday to come...

Are you nervous when you are about to have a job interview? I am :P. I think many people are too. I have some useful tips from an extra CD of a book called Business Communication I found at work. I will excerpt some for you here :).

The books says being nervous is natural. I think it is true. Further it says that other than public speaking, job interview is one of the most dreaded events in people’s lives. However, you can reduce your fears by following a few suggestions.

  • Practise interviewing as much as you can—especially with real companies. The more interviews you experience, the less nervous you will be.
  • Prepare 110 percent! Know how you will answer the most frequently asked questions. Be ready with success stories. Rehearse your closing statement. One of the best ways to reduce butterflies is to know you have done all you can to be ready for the interview.
  • Take deep breaths, particularly if you feel anxious while waiting for the interviewer. Deep breathing makes you concentrate on something other than the interview and also provides much-needed oxygen.
  • Remember that the interviewer isn’t the only one who is gleaning information. You have come to learn about the job and the organization. In fact, during some parts of the interview, you will be in charge. This should give you courage.
You can add more suggestions if you have any :).

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