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More Poem?

I read Puput's writing entitled "Life Has A Funny Way" (too bad it is in Indonesian), and thought about posting a poem i wrote a few years ago here :P.

That Man on the Street

They always look at me and shudder
as if i was a sinner
Hungry, i crawl to the trash,
as i don't have any cash
They may think that i'm sick
but i have no choice to pick
I just want my life to be better
instead of being a poor beggar
I just want a shelter
where families can get together
This isn't what i want to be
no friends, no family, no money
but why does it happen to me?
I should blame nobody
cos maybe this is my destiny
shame on me...

not the best poem i wrote i guess..but hope you enjoy it anyways :D


  1. dee said...
    Who's that man..?
    Where did you see him?
    puput said...
    mmm.. lemme think..
    stey said...
    Sometime we just complaining too much..
    ninaz said...
    that man is no one...

    let's think together..halah

    yea...youre right mbak..
    Zen said...
    iki ketoke apik yen diangkat dadi film... soundtrack'e "aku bukan pengemis cinta"... ;))
    ninaz said...
    sing main dirimu mas? haha
    tutekx said...
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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